Kitchen Spotlight: Breakfast Burritos from Hell

One of our friends just gave birth to a beautiful little baby girl–their second. I’ve never given birth to a little human, but I always imagine that if I did, I would want people to feed me, water me, and in all ways possible make my life a little easier.  So I try to find ways to make life easier on the new moms in my life. So this most recent time, we gifted our friends a bunch of paper/plastic plates, spoons, forks, cups, etc. Because no new mom wants to be worried about doing the dishes. And we also opted to volunteer a few meals–because I’m pretty sure that even Super Mom doesn’t want to be slaving away in the kitchen when she’s balancing a newborn and a toddler.

Again–I don’t know–I’m just guessing.

So–I’m all about making food for people (this could be, in large part, because I equate all my feelings with food).

(Extra parenthetical: if I make food for you, you should feel LOVED)

So I was all prepared to make some casserole dishes that require the recipient to only throw the dish in the oven. Voila! Dinner. I had some stand-bys ready. I discussed these with my husband. One was Cornbread Chicken Pot Pie. It’s great. We made it. It was great.

Then, I said, “we should make a breakfast casserole because nobody wants to get up and make breakfast in the morning when they just had a baby and have maybe been up all night…blah, blah, blah.”

And then I got on Pinterest. And Husband says, “Let’s do these breakfast burritos!” And I’m all, “Yeah, ok.”

So he goes to the Evil Empire (aka Wal-Mart–a place at which I refuse to shop) and comes back with all the making for this breakfast burrito recipe.

And y’all. It took the 2 of us working non-stop together with two electric skillets, two giant skillets on the stove, the oven at 450…and every spare inch of counter top we have to pull this off–and it was still a big ole hot mess that I hope just tastes good (stay tuned). In short: someone on Pinterest said this was easy. And someone lied. This? Not easy.

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2 responses to “Kitchen Spotlight: Breakfast Burritos from Hell

  1. I hate recipes like that–HATE them. But they’ve also always been really good so then I’m not as mad after I’ve consumed the results of the kitchen explosion. Please tell me you have a dishwasher. I would never cook if I didn’t have one and a mess from all that would put me over the edge.

    They do look really good though! Add a little salsa or green pork chili and OMG I’d be in breakfast heaven.

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