This Should Be No Child’s Normal

When you grow up in an abusive/neglected home, you assume that what goes on at home is just like what goes on in every other home. Just like people don’t see what happens in yours, you don’t see what happens in theirs. Thus, your idea of what is “normal” is colored by that experience.

The screaming, the fighting, the throwing things–>all normal.  The slapping, the hitting, the kicking–>normal.

The name-calling, the threats, the repeated rejection–>business as usual.

The insults, the put-downs, the gas-lighting–>par for the course.

The crying, the loneliness, the despair–>normal. The intimidation, the isolation, the aggression–>all normal.

The fear? Perfectly normal.

Every year 3.3 million reports of child abuse are made in the United States involving nearly 6 million children.

This means that for potentially 6 million children in America this is normal. But this should be no child’s normal.

April is National Child Abuse Prevention month: find out more.

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