Will You Join Me?

Hey, stranger! Have you read my disclaimer?

Recently, I wrote about how we seem to value psychopathic characteristics in our society. And how those characteristics often yield success. These include characteristics like lack of conscience and empathy.

Victoria’s Secret is a very successful company—a very successful company and a very irresponsible one. It’s a company currently exhibiting a complete lack of conscience through its targeted marketing of adolescent and teenaged girls.

If you actually need to be convinced as to why VS’s newest line is a problem, I encourage you to read this blog post, “Marketing Sexy to Girls.” Or this one, “I’m not buying ‘em and neither should you…”. They say all that needs to be said.

Is this appropriate for a 13-year-old? 14? 15? 16 even?

The sexualization of girls in our society is a problem.  In this post, I asked How will one action change a problem so deeply embedded in the very fabric of our society?” I quoted Helen Keller to answer my own question: “I am only one; but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; I will not refuse to do something I can do.”

Today I can and did sign this petition. It’s one small thing I can do. It’s one small thing you can do. Will you join me?

(As a side note, I’d recommend this book to any mother/father looking to protect her/his daughter(s) from the sexualization of girls by our society. Jean Kilbourne is great.)


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6 responses to “Will You Join Me?

  1. mrsgridley0630

    I’ll have to read the link later… but in the meantime, PLEASE tell me those panties pictured above are not intended for teenagers… SMH

    Totally inappropriate for a young girl. Totally.

  2. I’ll sign it. I live in the metro Atlanta area which is a hub for child trafficking. If you don’t think the oversexualization of young girls doesn’t attribute to this we’d be dead wrong. It’s crazy that this sort of product is allowed.

  3. igotthismartha

    I signed! You can be sure Hattie will NEVER wear a pair of panties that says “call me”!

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