Mix it Up! Polish Style!

We got this KitchenAid mixer for a steal.

april 6 011

But I had to talk Trent into it.

Him: What are you going to make with it?
Me: Stuff.
Me: Stuff I’ve never been able to make before!
Me: Because I didn’t have a mixer.
Me: A cake! I could make a cake.
Trent: You need that mixer to make a cake? You’re going to make cakes?
Me: Uh…it’s a really good deal!
Trent: I know. But where are you going to put it?
Me: On the counter.
Him: *completely warranted incredulous look*
Me: That’s what you said about the bread box. And if you put that shelf up in the kitchen for the cookbooks like we talked, there will be plenty of room.

*Note: we have an authentic one-butt kitchen. Counter space is at a premium. I am well aware of this, and so….I concede.

Me: I don’t need the mixer.

What happened next is sort of magical. I did laundry. Toby came over to visit with Trent. I did the dishes. I put laundry away. Toby and Trent talked. The mixer came up. And then Trent told me we were getting the mixer. I sort of love Toby. Toby is getting my first batch of cookies (or whatever).

So today I got my mixer.

I’ve been thinking about it pretty much all day, and I’m not sure how it took this long, but I know exactly what I can make that I couldn’t make without this mixer…Peirogis!!! Ahhh!

I was actually so excited by this revelation that I was about to get started on some dough when I realized it’s useless given I still don’t have a rolling pin. Really? I have a KitchenAid mixer sent from Heaven but I still don’t have a rolling pin…and that’s what’s stopping me.  Guess who’s going to get a rolling pin (a rolling pin is MUCH less expensive than the pasta attachment for the mixer!!) ?

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