Hello, Phoenix!


After 9 hours of airports and airplanes, we (my colleague from SC) began a search for dinner (It was only 4:00 here, but our east coast bodies thought it was 7: 00). None of the resort restaurants would open until 5:30 (8:30 EST). We were starving after a 4 hour flight; we wouldn’t make it that long!

We finally found a bar that served appetizers. I had a HUGE app all to myself: a buffalo fry bread. Yum!


Then, it was straight back to the room where I took a nice hot bath to wash a day of travel off. This place has great tubs for that:


Then I crawled right into bed exhausted. I thought I might just rest a while, but no: right to sleep. It was 6:30 here.

This morning I took a shower–scalding hot water. I turned the knob down towards cold: still too hot. Finally put it all the way to cold: just bearable. No cold showers on the reservation, kids.  I hadn’t really noticed too much withthe bath because I always make those too hot. And I’d been too tired to care when I brushed my teeth the night before. This morning though, I paid attention. I turned on the cold water in the sink to brush my teeth, gave it a minute…best I could get was lukewarm. Is there no cold water in Arizona?!?

In other news, this place–The Sheraton at Wild Horse Pass– wants $12.95 a day for Wi-fi access. I think that’s ridiculously exorbitant! So until I find out if Pearson’s gonna put that on their Amex, I’ve just got 3G on my little Samsung Galaxy Tab. So expect short updates, possibly riddled with tiny keyboard errors! Off to breakfast!

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