Dear SC,

Let me get this straight: You’re going to ban laser pointers–make them illegal for young people to purchase or have in their possession, but you’re simultaneously considering legislation that would allow South Carolina gun owners to openly carry their weapons in public without a permit or prior training.

Really? Laser pointers are more of a threat than irresponsible and uneducated gun owners walking around with their guns in public? This is the message you’re sending–despite the fact that instances like this keep happening all over the state. Y’all: we rank 18th in the nation in child deaths by gun, and a recent study found that “South Carolinians rank poorly in gun security…ranked in the top 10 nationally for households reporting loaded and unlocked firearms.” No worries–encouraging responsible gun ownership is probably not nearly as important as ensuring dangerous laser pointers stay out of the hands of minors–who, thanks to a revision suggested by Brian White of Anderson, can still legally buy laser scopes for guns–just not those little pointers people use to play with their cats. 

Seriously. The mind boggles. Meanwhile, there’s a good chance we’re going to send to Washington a man who, as our governor, abandoned our state, disappearing for 6 days to rendezvous with his mistress in Argentina, turning off his state and personal phones and telling no one where he was going–leaving no one in charge of the affairs of this state. He’s totally trustworthy.

You are my home. I love you, but sometimes you just make me want to scream. Seriously.



PS: Have you read my disclaimer?

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