Let Common Sense Have Fair Play

Thomas Jefferson once said, “I can never fear that things will go far wrong where common sense has fair play.”

Sadly, in the case of Kiera Wilmot, common sense has yet been given fair play; and as a result, things are going very, very wrong.

Look, I get that we’re all freaked out by the increasing violence in our society at large and particularly within our schools. We want to protect our children. And so we’ve stepped-up security at schools, tightened the rules, and increased the consequences. We are resolute in our quest for safety.

But clearly, we’ve also become inflexible. And maybe, just maybe, our reactions have grown a little teeny, tiny bit exaggerated. After all, here is a young woman, a budding scientist, an exemplary student by all reports, who was cuffed, arrested, and expelled from school for what, by all accounts, appears to be an experiment gone wrong. She’s been charged with two felonies. Felonies. Her life will forever be changed unless we give common sense fair play here.

It’s as if down in Polk County, critical thinking has evaporated. And common sense has been shoved in a corner.

Still it’s not too late. And that’s why I’ve just signed this petition. I invite you to join me and the 66,000+ (at time of this writing) people who are asking Florida State Attorney General Jerry Hill to let common sense have fair play before things go too far wrong.

Remember: This is just my opinion as pointed out in the disclaimer for this site.


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3 responses to “Let Common Sense Have Fair Play

  1. Steve Bumgarner

    Done. Thanks, Jenn. I saw this story earlier in the week, but had not acted on it.

  2. Countless stories abound with regards to schools’ so-called ‘no tolerance’ policies. Those same policies should be in effect for the inept policy-makers who created them. My dad used to say, “some people are so educated they’re stupid.” This young lady, who may have brought honor and prestige to this school and/or district in the future now has that possibility in jeopardy. If I wasn’t a Christian man, I’d probably use a few cuss words; however, since I am thinking them instead I will repent.

    I, too, will sign the petition. Thanks.

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