Confession: No Green Thumb

I do not have a green thumb. I have never had much success keeping plants alive.  I do have one house plant that has been with me for the last  8-9 years.  I’ve re-potted him 3 times as he grew.  He’s really the exception to the rules simply because he grows back no matter what I do.  I can forget to water him for days, weeks…and when I remember, he perks right back up. It’s amazing really.  He’s not always the best looking plant, but he’s a survivor, and I like that.

He's a Survivor!

Recently, though, I’ve decided to try to start a little herb garden. I enjoy fresh herbs–cooking with them and then eating the food made better by them. But buying them in the store or at the farmer’s market gets pretty pricey, and usually what I buy goes bad before I can use it all.  So I bought one of those little kits for about $6. It has oregano, basil, thyme, cilantro, sage, and parsley. For $6, I figure if I bomb, it’s no big deal.  I hope I don’t, though. Encouragingly, the seeds have already started sprouting.

Herb Garden!

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