Sneak Peek 2: Short Fiction

Below is a link (PDF file) to a very rough excerpt from a piece I’m working on. You may notice that the names of the characters are inspired by my drive through the country the other day. You may also notice, as I have, that there are still errors that need editing. But I’m putting perfectionism aside for the sake of this sneak peek. This one is tentatively titled “Onset.”

Onset, Working Draft (PDF File)

If you didn’t already check out my earlier sneak peek, here it is!


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2 responses to “Sneak Peek 2: Short Fiction

  1. amber

    So, in full disclosure, I haven’t finished reading this yet. I did read the first two pages and wanted to tell you a couple of things:
    1. I love you > writing. You have such a talent and I love when you share it.
    2. for whatever reason?!?! Reading the first couple of pages and the fact that you wrote it made me think about way back when we were little and used to read all those V.C. Andrews books. remember? lol!
    Anyway – keep writing and keep fighting the good fight!

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