An Ode to Mustard

Ok…so not really an “ode.” That would require more brain power and creativity than I currently have. Nonetheless, I clearly have a crush on (or obsession with) mustard. I love mustard. Of all kinds. And there are SO many kinds. Seriously, check out the mouth-watering selection at the National Mustard Museum’s (yeah, it’s a thing) store.


Mustard: I’m pretty sure it’s the best condiment. Don’t try to argue with me here…it would be futile.

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One response to “An Ode to Mustard

  1. Mustard? Mustard? Mustard. Pfft! Mustard is for wimps.

    For real taste, and incendiary applications, nothing beats a proper, genuine, real, satay sauce. Not those pathetic, little satay sauces you buy in the supermarkets — I mean the real deal satays that cause anaphylaxis at a range of ninety paces, that singe eyebrows and can double up as WMDs in times of war. The stuff with which protestors can self-immolate. I’m talking satay…

    All that mustard does is give you gas… that’s why they used it in WWI. Weaponised flautus? Gimme a break!

    Finally, arguing is not futile as you are neither Borg nor Vogon.

    Mustard: the girly-man condiment.

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