Ichabod vs. Modern America

Sleepy Hollow is an utterly ridiculous show—built upon a premise that requires quite a suspension of disbelief.  After all, the central plot point stems from the awakening of Ichabod Crane, last alive during the Revolutionary War, in modern times. Oh, and he has to do battle with the Headless Horseman, who, as it turns out, is one of the four Horseman of the Apocalypse and/or the Personification of Death.  But it’s also so much more than that—and last night’s episode really showcased that.

In last night’s episode, Ichabod was full of sass, which made me laugh. A lot. One of the things he got really fired up about was bottled water.  When Abbie pays for bottled water, he wonders why she doesn’t just drink from “one of the many taps around this town…or from the lake?”  She replies that the tap water is “full of chemicals” and “the lake water…well, you don’t even want to know!” Ichabod, disgusted, remarks that “The extent to which your generation has defiled this earth is truly mind-boggling.”  True enough, Ichabod.

He’s not done with bottled water, though.  Later, he and Abbie head to a museum, where he passes a museum employee, drinking from a bottle of water. He stops, looks at him, and asks incredulously, “Did you pay a fee for that water?” He then declares of drinking water, “That should be an inalienable right!”  Right on, man!

My next favorite part of this episode takes place in this same scene. Prior to seeing the water-drinking employee, Ichabod overhears a museum tour guide telling some children the story of the midnight ride of Paul Revere. He makes to correct him because he’s telling it wrong, but Abbie tries to pull him away to focus on the really important task of finding the Headless Horseman’s skull because…well, I don’t know…th He objects, though: “But what he’s telling those children is apocryphal!” Abbies tells him, “Let it go.”

Ichabod can’t though, so he momentarily abandons his battle against evil to return to the tour group, where he now hears the guide explaining, “And then Paul Revere arrived in Concord, sounding the alarm: ‘The British are coming! The British are coming!’.”  Ichabod interrupts to explain that, like the rest of the Patriots, Ichabod points out, would have announced (rather quietly, since he was on a secret mission), “The regulars are coming out,” not “The British are coming!” because “We were British, too. That would have been most unhelpful.”

At this point, Abbie appears and snatches him away, explaining to the tour group that “my cousin forgot his medication today.” To which Ichabod responds, “I am the only one amongst you who does not require medication!

This episode: quite the commentary on modern America—a place where we’ve destroyed our natural resources, everyone is (over- and perhaps unnecessarily) medicated, and the history we teach our children is dubious at best. At least as seen through the eyes of Ichabod Crane, who may or may not have fought in George Washington’s army and been good buds with Thomas Jefferson (who incidentally is not the family man Ichabod thought and also stole something Ichabod said and took credit for it.). Ouch.

Notably, it wasn’t just the social commentary that made this week’s episode my favorite. This episode was hysterical, y’all (see above examples, which all made me LOL).

Abbie: “I have good news and bad news. What do you want first?”

Ichabod: “Is this a riddle?”

Getting ready for bed, I was still giggling to myself over Ichabod’s encounter with internet porn: “Thank you, ma’am, but I am afraid I am spouse to another!” and my husband asked me what was up.

Me: Oh, I’m just laughing about Sleepy Hollow.

Him: What’s that about again?

Right. So.

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