Stress Reliever Smoothie

As promised, I decided to try this Stress Reliever Smoothie from my “Just for the Health of It” board on Pinterest.  I’m not sure if it actually reduced my stress, but I do know it wasn’t one of my favorites.  Even after I made some modification, it was just too chunky. By the time I got to work, I had to add more water to it because otherwise I’d have needed a spoon to finish it.  Like I said, I did make some modifications. First of all, I did not include the optional ginger root because I didn’t have any.  Second, I included some coconut water (because I did have that on hand). In the photos you’ll see my collection of ingredients.  I had the Greek yogurt out, but then I re-read the recipe and discovered that wasn’t in there.  That’s when I grabbed the Coconut water, because obviously, I would need more than just 1/4 lemon’s worth of juice to pull this off. Notably, I think that’s because, upon closer review, this is supposed to be made in a juicer, but whatever.

I think I’ve decided celery doesn’t go in smoothies.  And this isn’t one I’m likely to repeat exactly again.

So today’s green smoothie had Coconut water, spinach, 15 grapes, a tangerine, and some Greek yogurt.  I know I used grapes before, but I think I’m going to add them, with celery, to the list of veggies not to use in a smoothie. Not so smooth–too much chewing involved.

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