Guiding Word 2016

Last year’s guiding words for me led me on many adventures.  I experienced new things, met new people, and learned a lot.

I gave a lot of thought to this year’s guiding words, and ultimately decided on one: empathy.

I’ve been thinking about empathy–or the lack thereof–throughout this year.  Actually, for the last several years, I’ve thought about it with my students, disturbed by what I perceive to be an increasing number of them who seem unable to empathize with others. I’ve often said that the world would be a better place if we all practiced more empathy. Too often we judge too quickly; we view other people through only our own perspective based on our own experiences or ways of thinking, knowing, and being in this world.  I catch myself doing it.  I see others doing it.  We all need to do better if we want our world to be better.  So…

Inspired by the saying “kindness begins with me” and my own personal life philosophy (stolen from Mahatma Ghandi, of course) “Be the change you wish to see in the world,” I’ve chosen this word to guide me through 2016.

I expect this to be an interesting journey.

(PS: yesterday I wrote about how my 2015 guiding words got me Jazzercising with a great new group of ladies, and I intend to write more about the other ways in which I got out of my comfort zone in 2015. I need to write more again.).


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