Losing It

 was losing it earlier. Bigly. I was sad, depressed, crying because this is just never-ending awful. And I’ve tried to be positive and share my daily gratitude to help my mindset. But. Then I had yogurt. And it was all downhill…and fast. And my mental and emotional health just tanked. So I cried. Used an entire box of Kleenex. And then I went outside and did some yoga on the deck. And pet Oakley because he wouldn’t leave me alone while I was finishing up (see his face? Sat right between my legs and gave me that face.). But petting the dog is actually relaxing too, so I just sat out there quietly (and not thinking about anything) for a while listening to the birds while petting Oakley. And then I had some turmeric ashwagandha tea and ate some kitchari. And then I cleaned out and organized all the kitchen cabinets (because ashwagandha is apparently a miracle herb). And that was Friday night. Pretty sure I’m past the point of a real breakdown for now. Tomorrow is another day. 

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