Spores, Spores…Everywhere are Spores!

Life with c-diff (sparing the gross parts): just getting ready for the day is exhausting. I’ve never been more OCD about germs since learning that c-diff spores can live MONTHS on surfaces. I’ve never used so much bleach. Because washing the spores down the sink with good CDC hand hygiene and bleach are the only defenses against spread or reinfection. No hand sanitizer or other household cleaning product will defeat it. SN: if you’ve never done CDC hand washing training (complete with the glow-in-the-dark spray to show where you missed before you can pass) you’ll never wash your hands the same again. So it’s wake up, wash hands, brush teeth, wash hands. Shower, bleach the whole bathroom, wash hands. Start laundry of all towels and hand towels and any clothes I’ve worn in the last twenty four hours. Wash hands. Bleach every high touch surface (every counter, every knob, every button, every appliance, every gadget every everything I might have touched in last 24 hours and not bleached before bed). Wash hands. Wash every reusable water bottle or mug I might have touched yesterday and forgotten to wash. Wash hands. Start matcha green tea. Wash hands. Short walk with dogs. Wash hands. Make oatmeal. Wash hands. Take vitamins. Finish making tea. Wash hands. Take antibiotic. Wash hands. And then finally, sit down and slowly eat oatmeal and sip tea. And then…well, you can guess.

I know that it is highly unlikely that these spores are all over my house because of that first bit of good hand hygiene. But. Now that I know, I can’t un-know, and I feel like they’re everywhere, and I am not taking any chances. Because this thing is the devil (and has possibly permanently changed my insides). I do not want to get reinfected (which happens to around a quarter of people within 1-3 weeks or 3-4 months). I’m not even better yet.

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