Dirt is My Favorite Christmas Gift

Me: This is one of my favorite gifts from this year.
Trent: Is that dirt?
Me: Yes, yes it is dirt.

As sick as I’ve been, I’ve missed out on a lot. And one of the things I especially hated to miss was the groundbreaking on the Habitat for Humanity of Greenville County Woodside Mills neighborhood here in Ward 3, Simpsonville. I had been so looking forward to this day after the years of work we put into getting here. Arguing in favor of this development and in favor of providing the land for it was one of the first arguments I made on Council…and perhaps one of the most impactful. I am so #grateful to have played a part in bringing this new affordable housing neighborhood to our City. And I am beyond grateful that Habitat decided to “bring the groundbreaking to me” when I couldn’t attend. I didn’t get to hear the speakers, tour the grounds, or smile with a shovel, but this Rubbermaid container of dirt and plastic spoon with the thoughtful note means more than I can say. So yeah, dirt is one of my favorite gifts I’ve received this year. 💜

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