Operation Recovery Continues

“If we only listened to information that matched our expectations, we wouldn’t learn anything new.” ✨

Tonight I go to bed #grateful for learning new things from books; learning new things from new people; and of course actually trying new things and finding they work for me in this season of my life. This kraut is 💯 (locally available at Publix); coconut milk faux yogurt is the best faux yogurt I’ve had; the Nasya oil is really helping with my breathing (sinus/allergy); and bentonite clay is the best and most cost effective skincare tool I’ve ever purchased. #operationrecovery

Oh, and on this 6th day of Christmas, I am also grateful for Christmas presents, especially really appropriate t-shirts (💯 raised on books right here) and homemade hats (perfect for the cold spell we got hit with) and homemade ornaments (because homemade presents are the next-best-to-food presents).

Good night, sleep tight, friends. And get ready for all your good luck rituals for the new year…we all need all the luck on our side for a great 2021.

✨ Source: Living in Flow by Sky Nelson-Isaacs, which I am reading with my new book club…all new people with all new ideas and thoughts and perspectives. 

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  1. Jan Norman

    Im really enjoying your posts.

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