NYD greens

A couple of years ago, there was a collard greens shortage in our area, and finding collards for NYD was difficult. In fact, at the time, I noted that the shortage turned NYE at the Mauldin Open Air market into an experience akin to Wal-Mart on Black Friday. 😮 Luckily, Trent scored us some greens there, but it was nuts! If you’re not from ’round here, you may not understand: people have to have collards on NYD. It’s not optional. The world might end. I mean, I’m pretty sure someone forgot to eat theirs last year, and that’s what happened to 2020. I jest. Maybe. It’s serious business. 🙅‍♀️ Don’t look at me: we ate them.

👩‍🌾 Anyway, we have been blessed this year with friends who have regularly gifted us collards (and other greens) from the bounty of their garden. But before we knew that would be the case, we didn’t want to leave anything to chance for NYD 2021. And so we planted some collards in a container on the porch. Look! They grew! These collards we grew ourselves will be our NYD collards. They’re not as big and awesome as the ones our friends grow, but we grew these, and that has to count for something, right, universe?! #FarmerJenn

🥬 Random related fact: I was reading about the MIND diet the other day. It combines the DASH and Mediterranean diets to create a diet aimed at reducing the risk of dementia and the decline in brain health that people often experience as they age. The MIND diet recommends 6 or more servings a week of dark, green, leafy vegetables.

💜 So as I get ready to prepare the NYD dinner, I am #grateful for all those friends this past year who shared the bounty of their gardens; these collards that actually survived my black thumb; and, after everything this last year threw at us, that we’re even here, able to prepare and enjoy a modified traditional NYD meal.

Happy new year, friends. May we all experience good health this year. #Healing2021

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