Grateful for Movement

I was just chatting with someone recovering from the same illness as me about ways to relieve pain and discomfort. Movement was and still is a big solution for me. Even when the pain was so bad I thought I couldn’t possibly walk, I forced myself to pick up Oakley’s leash and make it happen. Some days, I had to stop and sit on a curb to take a break. On other days, Trent walked with us, and he had to hold the leash because I couldn’t even manage that. But I pushed forward, one foot in front of the other. Sometimes slowly, sometimes grumbling with each step, sometimes struggling to get a breath. Walking. Such a little thing. But also a big thing. That and yoga stretches… especially the twisty ones…were and still are a go-to for me for pain relief. Just this week, I got hit with a sharp, stabbing pain in my side again. And had to remind myself to go stretch on the yoga mat instead of wallowing in misery in the bed (which is 💯 what I wanted to do). So while I had to reach for a little help from one of my books tonight, it fits well: I will go to bed #grateful for movement; for the way it can relieve (or at least lower) pain and discomfort; for the way it can relieve (or at least decrease) stress and anxiety; for the way it contributes to a healthy mind, body, and spirit. Sleep well, friends (maybe after a good stretch!). 💜

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