Kimchi & My Microbiome

Shout out my friend Hal for telling me kimchi is like relish, so you can put it on anything. And in this case, kimchi helps add a little excitement to these same roasted root vegetables (and purple rice) I’ve been eating regularly forever(ish)…while also supporting the rebuilding of my microbiome! Yay, kimchi!

Seriously, yay. Eleven weeks. One week out from my really important 12-week milestone. And I can drink kefir, eat real, raw sauerkraut, and I can eat kimchi! And this is all super important because the only way I will stay healthy is to make sure my microbiome is 💯! And that’s what fermented foods do.

Why? Ok. There’s a solid chance the c-diff spores are still hanging out in my gut. They might be in yours too. And they’re definitely all around us. Some of them have the gene that codes the protein to release the toxins that cause disease. Science. The medication I took kills off the bacteria that releases the toxins, but it does not kill off the spores. Bleach does that, but as I was reminded in today’s webinar, you should not drink bleach. 😂 Use it all over the surfaces in your house to kills spores, but no bleach drinking.

Anyway, if at any point in time my microbiome is disrupted again (no more antibiotics ever), it will create an ideal environment for those spores to wake up, create new bacteria that multiplies, divides, and multiplies again…and then starts releasing the toxins to create the disease. The life-threatening disease from hell.

I really did not pay enough attention in science class. But I have now read every book in our library related to the microbiome. I have read every article available on c-diff from every peer-reviewed journal in every online database our public and our college library offer. I’m not kidding when I say I do my research.

And what I know is this: I need the kefir and the kimchi and the sauerkraut and the sourdough bread because I need these real food probiotics to help rebuild my gut. Supplements are not the same. I also need the prebiotics that feed the good bacteria that reside in my gut. Because basically the only way to stop the evil army is to build up the good army so they can keep those bad guys down. 🤺 I should totally teach science.

Moral of the story: you need a diverse set of good bacteria in your gut and a diverse set of friends with diverse life experiences and knowledge in your life. #healing2021

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