Poser Pizza #2

I present to you another not-a-pizza abomination. My level of shame is real right now. Except…it tasted good. Nary a tomato in sight. This one is an Asian-Greek-Southern American Fusion Poser Pizza. Say that in your best #domesticgoddess voice. The “pizza sauce” is avocado + garlic cilantro balsamic vinegar and lemon juice. It’s topped with kalamata olives, sauteed collards, feta cheese, and…kimchi (added last so as not to kill off its bacteria, which I need to keep the c-diff from competing). And that’s what I made up for dinner tonight because I was tired of the same thing over and over. And I miss pizza. Poser pizza: the food for #Healing2021.

But it’s REAL food, y’all. 11 weeks. 💜

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Filed under C-Diff, In My Kitchen, Just For The Health of It

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