Looking for good

This has been on my mind since this morning when the app delivered it to me. I’ve observed recently a lot of people who seem addicted to anger and/or righteous indignation. It’s like they’ve been angry for so long, they don’t know how or when to not be angry. I’ve watched people take something good and turn into something ugly, yelling and screaming the entire time. I’ve noticed some people are so angry (and screamy) as a default that they can’t even recognize when someone agrees with them or is “on their side” or is genuinely trying to understand their viewpoint. I find it disturbing. And sad. And unhealthy.

If you want to see more good in the world…better yet, if you want to actively bring more good into the world, you kinda gotta stop and appreciate the goodness that’s already here, all around us.

This relates to something we’ve been reading about in book club, the idea that the world around is responsive to us: “We live in a cosmos that responds to our actions by bringing us more of the same.”✳️

So today I’m looking for the good in my world, taking note, and expressing gratitude. #BeTheChange #Healing2021

✳️ Living in Flow, Skye Nelson-Isaacs

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