Always Learning

“Our job is to see what meaningful lesson each experience provides.”✳️

For years I have taught my students something similar: everything that happens to us, big, small, good, bad, neutral offers a lesson. It’s our job to identify that life lesson and…well, learn or in some cases re-learn from it.

This weekend I had some experiences that helped me remember a few important things:

1) Words matter, how you use them matters;
2) People have different backgrounds & experiences that color their view of the world and that’s ok;
3) Bullies come in all shapes, sizes, and colors…and often people aren’t speaking out against them because they’re afraid, not because they agree or find the behavior acceptable.

So tonight I go to bed #grateful for lessons (re)learned; people who speak up; living outside the echo chamber.

Hope you sleep as well as #aDogCalledOakley tonight.

✳️ Living in Flow by Skye Nelson-Isaacs

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