Virtual Snap Cup

This is another weekly activity we’ve started within my department as explained in my original email below. It’s been really great so far–I love seeing everyone celebrate themselves and each other!

Good morning, all.

I hope this Tuesday finds you well.  I am writing today to tell you about something I want to try: an ACF Virtual Snap Cup.  This is a modification on an activity that I used to do with my Freshman Seminar students.  I’ve attached that assignment for your reference.

Since we went remote because of the pandemic, it’s been harder for us to connect, and it’s been harder to celebrate the small successes every day that add up to the big successes at the end of a semester.  And I think celebrating those small successes is important.  Since we remain in this hybrid F2F-remote environment for the foreseeable future, I thought this might be a great way to ensure that we all celebrate those little successes and connect with one another by doing so.

And that’s what the virtual snap cup is about.  So first of all, if you do not know the origin of the snap cup idea, check out this clip from the movie Legally Blonde, where Elle explains it. Don’t worry: I won’t sing that song.  And like I said, we’re modifying a bit for the online environment.  I set up a survey monkey to collect anonymous praise notes.  Feel free to praise yourself! Did you do something really cool this week that worked out? Did you go above and beyond for a student, a colleague? You could even have a non-work success to celebrate.  And, of course, it’s not all about you! Be on the lookout for your co-workers.  Is there something for which they deserve praise? Did you see something or hear something that maybe the rest of us should know about? What should we celebrate this week?  Tell us in the anonymous virtual snap cup.

Once a week, I’ll check the virtual snap cup, and we can celebrate whatever successes you’ve shared. My hope is that this will let us “see” one another in a way we cannot while so many are working remotely or are distanced for safety. Also, burn out during the pandemic is real (read more about that here—it’s not you; it’s all of us!)—and this may be one way we can help to address that and maybe make a small positive effect on all of our mental health.  Is it a little cheesy? Maybe. I see [name redacted] rolling his eyes now. But let’s give it a try!  If it ends up being a bust, ok, but thanks in advance for playing along for now. 😊

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