Everything a Modification

Everything is a modification these days as I continue my long, slow recovery! But I’m just #grateful to be able to eat. And eat more foods. And healthy foods that have prebiotics and probiotics and all sorts of good-for-me nutrients.

Someone asked me the other day about Trent. How does he handle all this new eating stuff I’ve got going on. And the truth is sometimes we eat separately. But sometimes are recipes I can modify, and he still likes them.

This is one of those. Trent actually really likes and requests this white bean and sausage stew. I modified it because I can’t do tomatoes. They’re just too acidic and too hard to digest. I used butternut squash in place of tomatoes. I roasted it for 15 minutes or so at 400° first to get it a bit tender going in. To account for the missing juice, I just added more broth. We used plant-based “sausages.” Last night’s version has light red kidney beans instead of Great Northern. That’s just because I forgot to check to see if we had a can of Great Northern. We did not, and I didn’t soak any dry beans beforehand either. Finally, I used collards instead of kale because collards are in season now, and we have friends who share the bounty of their garden with us.

The modification is obviously not the same. The flavors are different but the concept is the same. And it’s still really good, especially on a cold, wet night like last night. In fact, the modification is good enough that Trent actually requested it. And if that’s not an endorsement, I don’t know what is.

The kidney beans were an accident, but a gut happy one, believe it or not. Kidney beans are actually good for digestion and bowel regularity. They contain both soluble and insoluble fiber. It’s that insoluble fiber that’s good for digestion/bowel. Source: Healing Foods.

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