Modified Super Food Chili

It was cold. I really wanted some chili. Alas, chili is full of foods I cannot eat as I continue my post-CDI recovery. So I did some Googling and found this Super Food Chili recipe. Still, I had to modify it because there’s zero chance I’m trying to put a jalapeno or salsa in my body right now.

So I left out the jalapeno, and instead of salsa I used this mild chow chow. I felt pretty confident about this chow chow because I have been using a mild chow chow in my modified guaca-tuna salad for weeks now without a problem. I substantially decreased the amount of onion and garlic because I’m not there yet either. I eyeballed it, but I’d guess I used no more than a tablespoon of chopped onion and no more than teaspoon of chopped garlic. I used one can of light red kidney beans, and one can of dark red kidney beans. Also, at the end, I added in some chopped collard greens from the garden and cooked them long enough to wilt. Because: greens are good for you! As this article explains, “Not only do collard greens supply good doses of protein, fiber, calcium and iron, but the leafy green vegetables also provide more impressive amounts of other key vitamins and minerals.” So my modified version was even more super! Had it for dinner last night, and I’m going to have it from my tiny Crock-Pot for much at work today. It’s not the same as my old standby chili recipe, but it’s pretty tasty, and it hit the spot. Plus, it’s healthy!

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