Easy Like Sunday Morning Hash Brown Scramble

This is actually a go-to hot breakfast for me on mornings when I’m home. I got the idea from a library book, but I basically made it my own.

What I Use:

  1. 2 large eggs (see note below)
  2. 2/3 cup refrigerated hash browns
  3. Coconut oil or olive oil
  4. ¼ of an avocado, chopped (see note below)
  5. Chopped onion (I “eyeball” it, see note below)
  6. Chopped garlic (I “eyeball” it, see note below)
  7. 1 shake cumin seeds
  8. 4 shakes of immunity blend seasoning
  9. VioLife Shredded Like Cheddar Vegan “Cheese” (or real cheese if you’re that lucky)
  10. Sauerkraut (raw, for topping)

What I Do:

  1. Heat the oil over medium heat.
  2. Add cumin seeds, wait for them to “splutter.”
  3. Add onion and garlic, sauté until translucent, not brown
  4. Add immunity blend seasoning & stir (adding the seasoning to the oil instead of on top of the food later draws out the flavor better)
  5. Add hash browns and stir to coat. Spread out across pan and allow to cook several minutes.
  6. Scramble up the eggs with some salt & pepper.
  7. Flip hash browns and check progress. Allow to cook several more minutes.
  8. Add the eggs, avocado, and then “cheese.” I just sprinkle whatever amount of fake cheese looks or feels right.
  9. Scramble! And keep cooking until done.
  10. Top with a bit of sauerkraut for probiotics before serving.


  1. Eggs: Grass-fed animals are more relaxed and less stressed than their mass-farmed counterparts, and this is transmitted to the food itself (Source: Gut Gastronomy).  We get our eggs from a local farm, Bethel Trails, where we see the chickens running around, free, living their best grass-fed life!
  2. Onion/Garlic: So onion and garlic are amazing in my book because they add great flavor. But also important: they’re prebiotics and feed the good bacteria in our gut. But they can also irritate the GI tract. So right now, as I am rebuilding my microbiome and recovering from the infection from hell, I “eyeball” my amounts.  It basically looks like this, I make one thin slice from an medium-sized onion. Then I halve that slice. I chop that half. Then, I look at it, and think, “that looks like it’ll upset my stomach, and ultimately, I use half of that. Copy that for the garlic, and that’s how much I use. LOL.
  3. Avocado: So here’s a pro tip ICYMI: you can save the unused portion of avocado and keep it from browning by using lemon.  I just throw it in a ziplock back, squeeze the lemon in, and shake it to coat. Then, I push the air out, seal, and I can use it at lunch and/or dinner. Important because, as I noted the other day, avocados are good for gut health!

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