Small Victories & More Fiber

Small victories: I successfully ate something made by someone other than me. On Thursday, I ate some chicken and rice made by a local restaurant. Kept my serving plain Jane while ogling other people’s who had all kinds of sauces and toppings. And yesterday morning I had a small serving of some plain scrambled eggs (I asked to be sure she didn’t use anything but a small amount of butter). Nothing adventurous, but it was my first food not prepared by me since I got salmonella from takeout (which then got me c-diff).

Then I came home last night and made this navy bean pasta dinner. It was good. And look at all the fiber in this pasta! I sauteed collards and mushrooms and kalamata olives and used an Italian herb infused olive oil. Topped with feta cheese. Things are still going well. Getting far more nutrients and feeling a little stronger and healthier every day. 19 weeks post-treatment.

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