Fermenting all the Things!

Fermenting more things. I love the carrots I fermented last time. Such a great snack or as a small side to a sandwich. Doing those again and then blueberries and turnips. Bring on the probiotics! 🙂

For all the veggies, it’s basically 1 tbsp non-iodized salt, 1 tsp dill weed, 2 garlic cloves smashed. Spring water on top to cover. I added some cayenne peppers I grew this summer and never got to use…mostly for color. I added them whole, no cutting or smashing because obviously I don’t want too spicy. But I had tons of peppers left from my summer garden that never got turned into the hot sauce I planned because I got sick. I feel like if I can throw a dried one in there for color, it makes me feel better. 😂

Blueberries are 2 c. berries plus 2 tbsp organic sugar and 1/4 tsp non-iodized salt.

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