Novel Antibiotic for C diff Enters Phase 2 Clinical Trial

ICYMI: Novel Antibiotic for C diff Enters Phase 2 Clinical Trial

➡️ Recruitment for a phase 2 trial of a novel antibiotic against Clostridium difficile (C diff) is proceeding after phase 1 demonstrated safety and tolerability.

➡️ “We are excited to initiate the phase 2 trial of CRS3123, a narrow-spectrum agent that is highly selective for the target pathogen with minimal disruption of healthy gastrointestinal microbiota,”

➡️ “…the manufacturer indicates that the agent has already demonstrated several advantages, including:high potency against all clinical isolates of C difficile and a narrow spectrum, which could reduce the disruption of the normal intestinal biome; inhibition of toxin production, potentially leading to lower associated morbidity and mortality; and inhibition of sporulation, anticipated to reduce rates of transmission and recurrence.”

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