Mad for Mushrooms

This is interesting and possibly promising: “This study will be the first to further explore the anti-inflammatory nature of the AME-1 extract from the Amanita Muscaria mushroom with a particular focus on gut health. When gut health is damaged, it can lead to inflammation thus promoting a chronic condition of the gut lining and impairment of barrier function of the digestive tract.”

Mushrooms have a lot of very beneficial properties. In fact, I started taking turkey tail extract personally because there was some evidence that it helps keep bacteria (including clostridium bacteria) in check. It also allegedly helps with inflammation. So I wonder if it has helped in overcoming the inflammation c-diff caused more quickly or effectively. 🤔 I still take it in my tea every morning.

If interested, here is some more research on turkey tail. And here is more of a layman’s explanation of some of its great benefits.

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