Why is Diet Important w/ C-diff?

2 reasons:
1. Many people are intolerant of foods, especially difficult to digest foods, given their intestines have been ravaged by infection. Colitis causes problems with digestion, resulting in gas, bloating, cramping, diarrhea, etc. Naturally, people want to avoid that, so their GI tract can heal (and because that’s unpleasant).

2. Rebuilding the microbiome is critical to getting and staying healthy post-treatment. Diet is the biggest and most important way we change and support our microbiome. Since CDI is the direct result of a) ingesting spores AND b) disruption to the microbiome, it’s incredibly important to make diet and lifestyle choices that help rebuild and then keep strong the microbiome to avoid future infection.

Want to know what foods to avoid? Go here.

Click here for more in the diet & lifestyle choices I made in recovery. And here for what I’ve learned about diet from my research.

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