Triphala for GI Tract Wellness

During my recovery, I started learning more about Ayurveda (5,000 y/o holistic healing system) and adopting more of its principles (eating according to my dosha; daily tongue scraping; healing spices like turmeric; yoga & meditation, etc.), including a nightly dose of Triphala. According to my book, “triphala is made from three detoxifying and tonifying fruits that help you more effectively absorb and assimilate nutrients and get rid of waste through healthy bowel movements.”✳️  Sounded good to me as I was recovering.

This morning I read this article that explains more of the health benefits of Triphala. πŸ“ Note: it does say it has a natural laxative effect. I’d guess it’s pretty mild because I’ve never had that affect me personally, but obviously everyone is different. Some key points from the article:

πŸ‘‰ The most commonly known health benefit of Triphala is that it helps in the digestion process. 
πŸ‘‰ It also helps in strengthening the digestive tract of the body by increasing the number of good bacteria in the intestinal tract.
πŸ‘‰ According to a study published in The Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Triphala is great for our immunity and also acts as an immunosuppressant.
πŸ‘‰ Regular consumption of Triphala can help fight infections and control allergies due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

βž• It also explains its effects on dental health, enhanced vision, and weight loss.

✳️ Ayurveda Beginner’s Guide: Essential Ayurvedic Principles and Practices to Balance and Heal Naturally by Susan Weis-Bohlen.

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