C-diff Awareness Virtual Walk: Bleach

C-diff is an infectious disease. It is highly contagious and spreads easily (which is why healthcare settings are problematic).

🦠 A c-diff spore can live inside a bottle of hand sanitizer, no problem, for at least 5 months. True story.

🧴 And all those cleaners (like the one on the far right) that say they kill 99.9% of germs can’t touch c-diff. It IS the 0.1%.

💀 The only way to kill it on surfaces (where, again, it can live for a minimum of 5 months and as much as a year or more) is with germicidal bleach. Which FTR is expensive and was very hard to come by when I was at my sickest because of COVID. The alternative is a 9:1 water + disinfecting bleach mix made daily.

💁‍♀️ I dragged myself around the house with a bottle of Pedialyte in one hand and my homemade bleach in the other. Lost a lot of clothes to bleach.

☑️ But so far: no relapse and Trent has stayed healthy.


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