RBX2660 update

More news on RBX2660.

➡️ “Most responders had no occurrence of diarrhea for up to two years after treatment.”

➡️ “The efficacy of RBX2660 is impressive and falls in line with that of fecal microbiota transplantation (FMT) in rCDI patients, noted Elizabeth Hohmann, MD”

➡️ Between 82% and 92% of treatment responders remained free of CDI through six months after treatment in the phase 3 program, with “similar rates observed in the phase 2 program out to 24 months,” Dr. Bancke said.

➡️ “Additionally, our analyses indicated a consistent safety and efficacy profile for RBX2660 across the expanded populations of patients with IBD, IBS and immunocompromised status,” Dr. Bancke said.”


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