DNV3837: Clinical Trial News

DNV3837 From my news feed: #research #clinicaltrials news.

 The second part of the Phase II clinical trial of DNV3837 in Clostridioides difficile infections to be extended to Canada.

 In Phase II, everyone gets the treatment.

 DNV3837 is a narrow-spectrum, hybrid oxazolidinone-quinolone synthetic antibiotic targeting only Gram-positive bacteria.

 It is developed as a highly active first-line treatment targeting C. diff.

 It’s an IV antibiotic, so it’s good for people with severe diarrhea, for whom oral antibiotics may have trouble staying in the intestines long enough to kill off c-diff. It crosses the GI barrier and goes straight to where the bacteria are to specifically target it where it lives.

 Article contains a link to more info on the trials.

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