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C-diff Virtual Awareness Walk: More C-diff Facts

Went to the Farmer’s Market and did a walk around town. #aDogCalledOamley is at 4 miles with me today. There’s a time I didn’t think I’d ever be able to do that again. I thought I would die. I didn’t. Yay!

Some more #cdiffawareness facts:

💦 C. diff is found throughout the environment in soil, air, water, human and animal feces, and in contaminated food products.
🥩 In one study, 42% of sample supermarket meat contained toxigenic C. diff bacteria.
🕜 The timeline between consuming C. diff infected meat and becoming symptomatic could be years.
♨️ Recommended cooking temperatures and times may not kill C. diff. Because it is a spore, C. diff can survive for up to two hours at the recommended internal temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit (71 degrees Celsius).
🤝 C. diff may be spread by a simple handshake.
👥 CDI can affect ANYONE.
⬆️ In recent years, both postpartum women and healthy adults have seen increased risk for CDI. There are several women in my group who contracted c-diff after giving birth.

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