4th day of Christmas 2022: Tacos!

On the fourth day of Christmas, we hit downtown Greenville for a couple more stops along the Greenville Taco Trail. We had the Peruvian Shrimp and Fish Tacos at Cantina 76 – Greenville (top left) and the refried beans & cactus taco at Papi’s Tacos (top right). That Peruvian Shrimp taco was on point–great flavor! And I have never had cactus before today, and it was fun to try something new. Also, the handmade tortillas and ingredients so fresh you can taste the difference at Papi’s are ! We stopped by the visitor’s center for our first prize: a sticker. I love winning things…and what’s better than winning things for eating tacos all over Greenville County?!

Two years ago I wouldn’t have dared dream of eating a taco. A year ago I dreamed but wouldn’t have tried one. And, now 2 years post-treatment, look at me! I’m eating all kinds of tacos! So, in short, today I am #grateful for tacos! More specifically I am grateful to be able to enjoy so many wonderful foods and flavors again.

#GVLtacotrail #yeahTHATGreenville #WeAreOnABreak

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