Sourdough banana-blueberry muffins

I’m not much of a baker. And I have definitely never made actual bread myself. Reading about it did not make it sound less intimidating. So I decided, after feeding and caring for my starter (an odd responsibility that reminded me of those stupid tamagotchi pets…except nothing beeped to let me know if it was dying), to try something a little easier: muffins.

A friend of mine, knowing everything I’ve been going through since August, offered me her discard for my very own sourdough starter (a thing I knew nothing about until she sent me that text message offer). Now I know that there’s 5 billion lactobacilli (those are good guy bacteria my disrupted microbiome needs to help rebuild) in a single tablespoon of active sourdough starter!

So tonight I am #grateful for my sourdough starter friend, who (if it’s not clear) is a genuinely kind, caring, and generous human being.

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