Sweet potato black bean tacos

18 weeks post-treatment. Next milestone is 20 weeks. I made tortillas from my sourdough discard. How’s that for some #domesticgoddess work?! So tonight’s dinner was sweet potato-black bean tacos topped with just a bit of mild chow chow, some kimchi (for the probiotics), and a sprinkle of real sharp cheddar (first time post-treatment!). Side of lentils for an extra hit of fiber. I hope the cheese goes well. I couldn’t eat it all, but so nice to taste real cheese again! I’ve read where some people are able to tolerate small amounts of hard cheeses, so I decided to try it on a weekend.🤞 Next week, I have an event where I’ll have to eat food prepared by someone else outside my home for the first time since basically September. 👀 I’m pretty nervous about it even though I checked the menu ahead of time to ensure there’s food I can tolerate). But given my journey to c-diff included salmonella from take out (during a global pandemic), I’m still a little iffy about it. But it’s time. Here’s hoping that goes well too. So tonight I go to bed #grateful for small steps; small victories and real food; incremental progress. #operationrecovery Sleep well, friends. #Healing2021

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