Still Baby Stepping


Today the anthology Whispers, Shouts, and Songs: Exploring Poetry Through the Independent Voice was released as an e-book.  I submitted two poems for publication (“Death by Laundry” and “Cotton Nothing”), and both were accepted and are included in this book (on pp. 18-20).  It is available on Amazon and also on Smashwords, where for the next few days you can download a copy for free with this code: XF27P. Print copies should be available for purchase next week.

Baby steps.

Yesterday, I had to drive to Columbia and back–3 hours total in the car.  I spent some of that time re-listening to the interviews I’ve done so far for my other writing project.

And today I was fortunate to have the time to sit on my porch and write.  I began work on a piece of fiction–an idea that sprouted last night–I have no idea where that will go. I worked on a character book for that piece, and that went pretty well, I think.  I have a good feel for at least 3 main characters.  I also revised and submitted some poetry to the Kennesaw Review. And now I cross my fingers and wait (3-6 months) for a response. Additionally, I sent off two different article pitches today for two different publications (again–fingers crossed).

Baby steps. But they feel good.

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  1. More good stuff. Rock on, Jenn.


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  2. Thanks for the support, Katy!

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